Sourcing Summit

In September I had the chance to attend Sourcing Summit. A year earlier could only follow it on Twitter, and there I was presenting some of my work in front of all the people I admire in sourcing. If that doesn’t convince you anything is possible, I don’t know what will ;)

I spoke about sourcing for culture fit. You can see the presentation below.

I had so much fun presenting. Even before my presentation I got to discuss the subject with some of the attendees and really enjoyed these conversations. It was incredible to share something I’d been working on with other people as fascinated with recruitment as I am!   I obviously used friends as examples ;)    

  I got some positive feedback! :)  

  And support from those who didn’t attend this year :)


The entire event was both fun and informative: if you haven’t heard of it before, I definitely recommend you check it out! :)

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