#HRUKrakow 2016

I’ve been travelling a lot more recently and over the past three weeks I’ve attended 3 different recruitment events. The most recent one was #HRUKrakow – the first recruitment event I attended in my home city (and the second HRU event organised here). Naturally I was quite curious how it will turn out. It wasn’t as big as the other events and there were only a few visitors from other countries so I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly.

I think there were around 60 people at the event and, as much as I enjoyed the larger events I’ve attended recently, I found that a smaller one makes networking much easier. I managed to speak to most of the attendees, even if we’ve only exchanged a couple of words. There were only two tracks at any one time but that allowed everyone to catch up on what they missed during the coffee breaks and there wasn’t one moment when I was bored.

We covered a variety of different topics, anything from branding, through referrals, to sourcing, both online and offline. While the crowd in Poland may not be particularly active on Twitter (I think about 50% of the feed from the event must have been my doing!), they are definitely happy to share their opinions on an open forum, adding a lot of value to the discussions.

My own track, for example, was certainly made more interesting by others sharing their own experiences, asking questions and even simply objecting to some of my ideas. This allowed me to come up with a presentation I shared after the event – the one I used at the event was pretty much just a couple of slides with questions :)

Have a look at it here and feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to share your thoughts!


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