How not to write an InMail

I got really annoyed by a LinkedIn InMail I received earlier this week. An InMail! Even though my contact details are splattered all over the web. I would rather receive a tweet, be contacted through messenger or even a call on skype. No other messaging service seems as inconvenient as LinkedIn’s and about one in ten messages I receive there…

Recruitment advertising… we’re doing it wrong.

It would seem that advertising is a simple enough concept that has the potential to be understood by the general majority of our society. Make something look appealing enough for people to click through to discover more. Of course there are many more complicated definitions out there, but this is what it comes down to, or at least that’s my view….

Creative job ads? Let’s just settle for good ones!

I’ve been thinking about job ads a lot this year as a couple of really bad examples made their way to a wide audience, getting a lot of negative attention. This is what I wrote about in a guest blog for Powermeeter recently. Read the original here: Creative job ads? Let’s just settle for good ones!

Sourcing Summit

In September I had the chance to attend Sourcing Summit. A year earlier could only follow it on Twitter, and there I was presenting some of my work in front of all the people I admire in sourcing. If that doesn’t convince you anything is possible, I don’t know what will ;) I spoke about sourcing for culture fit. You…


There’s a tendency that I find quite surprising in today’s society to depreciate relationships formed through the use of technology rather than face to face interaction. A tendency expressed by the juxtaposition of virtual and real, resulting in a very false impression that the single fact we are in the same room with someone is the main factor determining the quality…