My recruitment predictions for 2017


I feel like this has been a very educational year for me. While I’m used to spending lots of time speaking to recruiters, this year I’ve done even more of that than before. And this is how I’ve come to this conclusion. In recruitment, we’re still pretty bad at analysing what’s already happened. I’ve seen lots of companies that don’t…

Again with the social recruiting…

social recruiting

My LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook feeds are full of articles about social recruiting. Anything from trying to convince recruiters that using social media is the way to go, to advice on how to use it for recruitment purposes. And it has been full of them for years, ever since I started in recruitment. I can only imagine it wasn’t too…

Who do you know…? Asking for referrals


I recently read an interesting discussion about asking potential candidates for referrals. All of it started with a poll asking recruiters how many messages they exchange with candidates before they ask for referrals. Personally, I believe it’s not really about the number of messages at all. Back when I sourced candidates for a living, I’d quite often ask potential candidates…

Recruitment advertising… we’re doing it wrong.


It would seem that advertising is a simple enough concept that has the potential to be understood by the general majority of our society. Make something look appealing enough for people to click through to discover more. Of course there are many more complicated definitions out there, but this is what it comes down to, or at least that’s my view….

Are online recruitment campaigns enough?


With an abundance of technical tools to help you improve just about any part of the recruitment process, with technology dedicated to: save time / reduce cost / improve engagement / [insert your preferred combination of recruitment buzzwords here], aren’t we forgetting recruitment isn’t just done online? If I had to guess where that tendency came from, I would imagine…

Sourcing Summit

sourcing summit

In September I had the chance to attend Sourcing Summit. A year earlier could only follow it on Twitter, and there I was presenting some of my work in front of all the people I admire in sourcing. If that doesn’t convince you anything is possible, I don’t know what will ;) I spoke about sourcing for culture fit. You…

Mind your language


I’ve recently read a blog about how we misuse the word talent because it should describe something extraordinary when in fact we use it to address any and all candidates. It wasn’t the first time I stumbled across a similar subject. It’s always hard to comment because as much as I agree with the general idea, I think our problem…

Life changing

life changing

There’s something I’ve been thinking about for some time now that I can’t quite understand, let alone phrase correctly. But it feels important, so I thought I might try and share and see what others, like you think. Ever since I came into recruitment I’ve spent a lot of time each day reading recruitment blogs. It’s how I learn, how I try…

The benefits of rejection


Rejection may very well be the most important part of recruitment. We tend to talk a lot about finding and attracting candidates, creating talent pools and a strong employer brand. What we sometimes seem to forget is that no matter how efficient our efforts are in these areas, the number of candidates that will successfully go through the recruitment process…

Emotions in recruitment


What is the role of emotions in recruitment? I have read this great blog recently on how having a good memory is important to be a successful recruiter (if that doesn’t ring a bell, check it out right here). As I was reading it I recalled something my mum would say about how an emotional reaction helps us remember things….