#truBudapest 2016

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[Wpis dostępny po polsku] Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending #truBudapest to lead a track on talent pipelining and network recruitment. When I say pleasure, I really mean it. I dare you to find a photo from the event where I’m not smiling! (unless concentrated on tweeting the awesome content) Even though I don’t speak a word of…

Facebook or LinkedIn?


I first signed up to LinkedIn on the very first day of my new job as a sourcer. I spent a couple of months discovering the platform, trying to learn something about recruitment that went beyond the initial training. I thought I was really that there’s a tool out there dedicated to professional content. And then, as I was connecting…

Using candidate personas


I’ve suggested in one of my previous blogs that you can use candidate personas to better understand your target groups. It’s a very effective tool whether you’re working on your employer branding strategy or recruiting for a specific role with the expectation of bringing in results quickly. Once you’ve practiced it a little, the process is quite simple and quick and I’ve…

A case against open networking


If the title sounds familiar, it’s because I wrote this piece a while ago as a guest blog for a friend. Since it no longer appears online in the original form, I decided to refresh it a little and add a couple of tips in there I hope you’ll find useful! Let me know your thoughts in the comments :)…

How not to write an InMail


I got really annoyed by a LinkedIn InMail I received earlier this week. An InMail! Even though my contact details are splattered all over the web. I would rather receive a tweet, be contacted through messenger or even a call on skype. No other messaging service seems as inconvenient as LinkedIn’s and about one in ten messages I receive there…

Recruitment advertising… we’re doing it wrong.


It would seem that advertising is a simple enough concept that has the potential to be understood by the general majority of our society. Make something look appealing enough for people to click through to discover more. Of course there are many more complicated definitions out there, but this is what it comes down to, or at least that’s my view….

Are online recruitment campaigns enough?


With an abundance of technical tools to help you improve just about any part of the recruitment process, with technology dedicated to: save time / reduce cost / improve engagement / [insert your preferred combination of recruitment buzzwords here], aren’t we forgetting recruitment isn’t just done online? If I had to guess where that tendency came from, I would imagine…

Creative job ads? Let’s just settle for good ones!

job ads

As the end of the year slowly approaches, I’ve been thinking more and more about some of the lessons I’ve learned since I moved to London end of January. I’ve realised that the one thing that stayed on my mind this entire year is recruitment advertising. It seems that, even though many individuals would disagree, as an industry we still…

Sourcing Summit

sourcing summit

In September I had the chance to attend Sourcing Summit. A year earlier could only follow it on Twitter, and there I was presenting some of my work in front of all the people I admire in sourcing. If that doesn’t convince you anything is possible, I don’t know what will ;) I spoke about sourcing for culture fit. You…

Mind your language


I’ve recently read a blog about how we misuse the word talent because it should describe something extraordinary when in fact we use it to address any and all candidates. It wasn’t the first time I stumbled across a similar subject. It’s always hard to comment because as much as I agree with the general idea, I think our problem…