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March 29, 2017
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What do you like about the new LinkedIn?

With all of the recent changes LinkedIn introduced to the UI, my feed on any social network has been a never ending stream of complaints and moaning. It started around December and continued for the better part of the first quarter of the year and there are some late comers to the party still discovering just how much they don’t like the new LI in April.

It made me think about our general attitude to work and life and why so many recruiters seem to be negative about it most of the time. It’s especially fascinating to me because I used to be an incurable (or so I thought) pessimist when I was younger. Somehow now, however, people associate me with constant smiling and trying to see the positive side of everything (or at least a lot of things..). It’s not just what they perceive, either, I’ve actually managed to change my habits and I see how it influences my work.

I’m not a fan of the “3 habits of positive people” type of posts so this isn’t going to be one of those. This isn’t about how you can become more positive about your work, because let’s face it, it works differently for everyone. I’ve found that going to the gym and eating well helps me, but it doesn’t guarantee the same effect for you, does it? Not to mention there are times when it doesn’t even work for me and I have to find other ideas to keep my positive attitude. What I can do, however, is show you how being positive gives you an advantage in your professional life. Bear with me 🙂

I recently asked my Facebook friends to share something about the new LinkedIn. For some it was easier than for others 🙂 but ultimately, it turns out things really aren’t as bad as my social feeds may have suggested. Here are just some of the things people enjoy about it:

  • the new profile look really highlights the most recent experience; you can expand to see more details about previous roles, but it’s easier to scan a profile quickly now than it was before
  • people’s activity is also more visible, which makes it easier to figure out if you’re dealing with an active LinkedIn user; hopefully it will encourage people to interact more with each other instead of simply sending connection requests to get in touch
  • you are now reminded of the posibility to add a personalised note to someone when sending a connection request – if you’re still not doing it, give it a try and see the difference it makes in building relationships
  • the personalised note is now also available in conversation history in your inbox after you’ve connected with someone, making it easy to continue the conversation (it seems like a tiny thing but I remember how much work it was copying and pasting it to my inbox every single time I accepted an invitation, so it makes a big difference!)
  • LinkedIn will now offer suggested search terms, which makes searching for any type of information easier, obviously 🙂
  • the new messenger is way easier to use, with the pop up messages available if you want them to be; personally I disabled the function, but I hear some really like it – not to mention, it probably makes your messages to your candidates more visible too when they log in
  • someone even mentioned the quality of updates in their feed got better and while I would imagine this is partly due to unfollowing spammy users, I did notice that as well… maybe with all of the changes that have been introduced we’re actually learning, once again, that LinkedIn is more than just a broadcasting channel and try harder when sharing information?


I want to leave you with some homework here – feel free to share your answer in the comments if you want to – since seeing the positives can take a bit of practice for some. Try to think of just one thing I haven’t mentioned in the blog post that you really like about the new LinkedIn UI. It can be a tiny detail that makes your work easier. If you can do it right off the top of your head, great! If not, give yourself a little bit of time.

Next time you have to deal with change and your first reaction is to get all negative, just try to take a step back and try to find at least one tiny positive detail about the situation. It makes a huge difference!

Kasia Borowicz
Kasia Borowicz
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