Social Recruiting & Sourcing Training

Are you new to sourcing?
Do you want to learn about new tools to help you find even more candidates?
Are you looking for simple solutions that you can implement right away?

You’ve come to the right place.

Training delivered when and where you need it

Save time and money and have your training session delivered in your own office

Training materials that will serve you for months

Enjoy the workshop without worrying about taking notes as you will receive all of them the next day

I work with those completely new to the industry as well as with experienced recruiters looking for new ways to reach candidates. Whether you’re an in-house recruiter, an agency recruiter or freelancer, the training will provide you with the tools that will make your sourcing process more efficient and… fun! :)

Don’t just look at my slides – let’s source together!

You won’t learn much by watching me present. Practice makes perfect and when is a better time to start practicing sourcing than during the training session itself? This is why I encourage all the participants not just to show up with their laptops, but also to have a list of the roles they’re currently working on with them. This way, they can leave the training session with a list of potential candidates they found using the new sourcing tools and techniques.