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October 11, 2017
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#SOSUEU17 day two

Day 2 was packed with sessions that I just wouldn’t be able to summarise for you one by one – I mean I could try but that would make for a really long blog… So instead I’ll talk about the two areas I that kept being covered and what I thought was interesting in those areas, hopefully that will help you feel a little of the amazing #sosueu atmosphere 🙂


What does the future have in store for sourcers?


We’ve heard a little bit about the future from two speakers – Daniel Rasmus focused on the future of work, and Karen Azulai – future of sourcing. I know what you may be thinking – some of the predictions about the future we keep hearing seem crazy. But as Daniel Rasmus said, we come up with many stories and myths about the future in order to be better prepared. Not all of them are going to come true, but the exercise in itself has value, so even if you’re a little tired hearing of the future of recruitment, it makes sense to keep learning different perspectives on the subject.


Karen’s presentation that hopefully served as a warning for those sourcers who keep doing their job without thinking of the skills they’ll need in the future. If you simply continue to look for people on LinkedIn, there’s already technology out there you can be replaced with! There’s more coming and if we want to stay relevant, we need to be the agent of change for our companies. Keep on top of the new tech and how it can transform recruitment at your company – that’s what an “augmented sourcer” has to do!


Sourcing is still a very technical area, but it’s more than that


We had a chance to learn about a lot of tools and how to use them. In fact it was maybe a little overwhelming at times to hear about all of this tech we’re not using yet. I enjoyed the presentation from Aaron Lintz about data automation because of the step by step instruction format which was easy to follow. I’ve never really tried many of those solutions, but I’ll certainly be looking into tools such as hunter and anyleads for email verification.


Still, there’s just so much more to sourcing than tools themselves! Sourcers need to work on their soft skills – and this is why negotiation skills were also covered. The speaker, Simon Horton, walked us through how hostage negotiations are handled. I’m sure a lot of sourcers use these intuitively, it’s good to learn how the professionals go about it! With the four steps of the process (active listening, empathy, rapport and influence) you’ll be able to get better results convincing candidates to consider the job you’re trying to fill.


Another area to focus on was mentioned Matej Matolin, who focused on a more relationship driven approach to sourcing. He encouraged us to think of talent pipelining in terms of loyalty programmes. I absolutely loved this idea – there’s a lot of companies in Poland trying out events and other employer branding activities, Matej mentioned simple methods to tie this back to recruitment (tagging those who attend events in your ATS, for example).


These were the two most important areas for me, but you can obviously find more specific information about the sessions from yesterday. Check out #sosueu on Twitter or other platforms! I’ll be back tomorrow to share more about the last day of the conference 🙂

Oh and you can also read more about day 1 and day 3 of the Summit 🙂

Kasia Borowicz
Kasia Borowicz
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  1. Margaret Buj says:

    Great insights – thank you for sharing! There are so many new tools these days!

    • Kasia Borowicz says:

      Yes that’s true – I find I can’t test more than one a week when I’m busy working, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with how many there are. I think you need to analyse your process first to understand what tools will be most useful for you and then test them out one by one until you find what works 🙂

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