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September 8, 2017
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September 15, 2017

How to effectively source outside of LinkedIn

Sourcing outside of professional networks is a very important part of a sourcer’s job. Let’s be honest, any recruiter (or in fact, hiring manager) can use LinkedIn to identify candidates. They make it easy on purpose – but that comes at a price. And I don’t just mean the price of the LinkedIn Recruiter account. Limiting yourself to one source of candidates only obviously limits your reach.

This is exactly why companies rely on sourcers touse other sourcers to find candidates who aren’t necessarily even present on professional networks. The question is… how do you build a professionnal relationship with someone if you’re not using a professional medium? There are no easy answers here, it’s certainly tricky.

This is what I had the opportunity to discuss recently in a blog post for Hello Talent (if you’re not familiar with the tool, you may want to check it out – highly recommended for anyone in sourcing!), where I share some tips on sourcing outside of LinkedIn.

Read the original here.

Kasia Borowicz
Kasia Borowicz
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