The benefits of rejection


Rejection may very well be the most important part of recruitment. We tend to talk a lot about finding and attracting candidates, creating talent pools and a strong employer brand. What we sometimes seem to forget is that no matter how efficient our efforts are in these areas, the number of candidates that will successfully go through the recruitment process…

Emotions in recruitment


What is the role of emotions in recruitment? I have read this great blog recently on how having a good memory is important to be a successful recruiter (if that doesn’t ring a bell, check it out right here). As I was reading it I recalled something my mum would say about how an emotional reaction helps us remember things….

Great sourcers work for great companies

great sourcers

There is a module on authenticity in the online training from Social Talent that really resonated with me. I liked the idea that this is something that you can actually work on, that there are some simple (although not easy) steps you can take to achieve it. The thing is that it’s never easy to be authentic at work. It’s…

Thoughts on Candidate Experience

candidate experience

Everyone’s talking about it and everyone is doing it – whether it’s a positive or a negative one, candidate experience is a part of every recruitment process. Whether you are a sourcer or an end-to-end recruiter, you have the responsibility to represent your employer and, as it has been widely discussed, your efforts will have an impact on your future…