What I do…

I’m a Social Recruiting and Sourcing Trainer and Consultant. I help both in-house and agency teams to make the most out of their sourcing activities. I also blog and manage the largest community for sourcers and recruiters in Poland (over 550 members and growing!).

If you need sourcing training or support, let’s schedule a phone call :)

How it all started…

My journey in recruitment started, of course, completely by accident. I’ve worked in graduate recruitment, rec2rec, financial services and investment banking, all remotely from Krakow. Then in 2015 I decided to make a change and I moved to London where I was finally able to attend sourcing and recuritment events on a regular basis. This inspired me to found a group dedicated to all things sourcing and recruiting: Poland Sourcing Community.

After I gained more experience recruiting on-site and working with startups, 2016 brought another big change in my life. I joined Lightness, a niche training company where I learned to develop and deliver training for recruiting teams.


A bit about me…

I’ve always been an avid reader and a fan of science fiction. My favourite authors include Stanisław Lem, Isaac Assimov and Philip K. Dick. It seems like there’s nothing that could happen in technology that they haven’t covered and I like how it seems despite all technological advanced described in their stories, people never really change.


But enough about me… what would you like to talk about? :)