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October 11, 2016
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December 5, 2016

Our first sourcing meetup in Krakow

Last week I organised (inspired by similar events taking place abroad) the very first sourcing meetup in Kraków through the group I manage, Poland Sourcing Community. I’ve been thinking about doing this for months, but I wanted to make sure everything goes smoothly so I took my time with the preparations. We found a free space to meet at (thanks iTechcloud coworking!) and had 25 people register for the event. It was always supposed to be small and with the flu season, in the end we had 12 people attend.


Before we met…

Each of the participants had a different background and they came from different companies. As the group is open to anyone who’s happy to contribute, so was the meetup: we had people join us from both in-house teams and agencies, from large corporates to a startup.

Before the meetup everyone received instructions on how to present their case during the meeting. They would have to tell the group about the role they were struggling with, share what they’d tried already in terms of sourcing (defined as both identifying and engaging candidates) and what they need help with (identifying more candidates, achieving a better response rate etc.)


How it tourned out

This was our very first meetup and we only had two hours. We all introduced ourselves and shared what type of experience we have and what we might be able to help with. We opened our laptops and started working on our cases.

I guess what surprised me the most is how eager people were to share. I didn’t know what to expect from the group and if you go to events in Poland, you’ll see attendees aren’t always contributing to discussions.  Companies in Poland are quite strict when it comes to sharing any internal information so there was no way to know if people would share enough details with us to really get the help they needed. It turned out, a small group and a guarantee that we will only be sharing solutions outside of the meetup but not any details about the roles themselves worked out pretty well.

We shared and solved three cases during an hour and a half. The solutions were incredibly comprehensive: they included ideas ranging from good sourcing platforms, composing more effective messages to increase response rates and even creating a recruitment marketing campaign. The truth is you can’t solve every challenge using the same approach and with a group of attendees with different backgrounds, we were in the perfect position to discuss a wide variety of solutions during the meetup.

What I learned from the session

  • Preparation is key. The more uniform the format is in which you present the sourcing cases, the quicker you can solve them. The group will always have some additional questions, but sharing a short form to help the attendees prepare their case for the meetup can help speed things up a little.
  • Moderation is very useful. Especially with a varied group, it makes sense to have someone in the room who knows what everyone can contribute. This is also how I try to run Poland Sourcing Community and I find that managing the group ensures everyone is able to get something out of it.
  • Sourcing as a group is a great way to help you get more creative. One person suggests an idea that seems a little out there and before you know it, someone else suggests how it can be implemented. The potential of a diverse group is incredible and so many ideas are thrown around at such pace, you’ll struggle to write them all down as you go! 🙂


All in all I think I’m not the only one to consider the meetup a success. Members of Poland Sourcing Community have already suggested three new locations for the meetup to take place in the coming months. We’ll see how things go but with the support of the group members, we will be looking to make this a regular thing.

Thanks to everyone who attended the meetup and to those who helped me figure out how to organise it in the first place! 🙂

Kasia Borowicz
Kasia Borowicz
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